Pails In Comparision

New product has arrived in our stores, clear tin pails in four sizes! This new addition gives way to many creative ideas, great for all-occasion gifts, party favors, wedding favors, or just because, who doesn't love a blank canvas such as this?

Our ever so clever staff member Rachel grabbed one as soon as they arrived and got to brainstorming. She made this homemade cookie tin & recipe card. She even carved the mini cookie stamp!

How do you get the ribbon pull top? The tin top is fairy malleable and making a hole can be done in various ways.

Idea #1- Use a wide nail and hammer to create an indent.
Idea #2- The 6" indented Crop 'o' Dile eyelet setter can punch though thin metal such as this creating a clean hole.

Once your hole is made, simply slip about 6" of ribbon through and knot on the inside & trim any excess tails.

medium clear tin pail
Morex bronze ribbon in 7/8"
Various metallic paper (pictured Stardream Bronze & Curious Metallics Gold Leaf)
Your favorite sweet cookie recipe! Find the Chewy Molasses-Spice Cookies seen here from Martha Stewart!

What clever things could you make with these tin pails?!

-PDX PZer's

Get Inspired: Nimbi Designs

We are so lucky to have such a talented lady on staff bringing us her whimsical & colorful creations! She is the owner.artist behind Nimbi Designs, a world of all things paper. A graphic designer turned craftista at heart, she is bringing her eye for layout, design sense, & composition to cards, invitations, and even a little felt.

Don't miss her All Things Cards Class this weekend! Saturday in our store from 4-6 pm. She will be teaching basic how-to's for the cards seen her as well as cutting, gluing, and embellishment use technique.

See you Saturday!
PDX PZ Staff